History Channel: “The Men Who Built America”

r&d, particle based debris and foam layers, expressions, custom deformer
plugins and scripts.
Produced at hifi3d, NY.

(play on Vimeo)

AppGear: “ZombieBurbz”

technical director: voxelization effects and transitions, fluid, flame and
smoke effects, custom plugins, scripts and expressions.

(play on Vimeo)

Ben & Jerry’s: “Karamel Sutra”

technical director: fluid and particle effects, custom plugins, scripts
and expressions.

(play on Vimeo)

HBO: “Bored To Death”

modeling, textures, tracking, animation, lighting and rendering of
all cg elements/set extensions, custom mel scripts.

(play on Vimeo)

Chase: “Activation”

r&d, rigging, modeling, animation, particle and fluid dynamics, scripts
and expressions.
Produced at brandnewschool, NY.

(play on Vimeo)

Got Milk: “The Science of Imitation Milk”

technical director: smoke effects.
(play on Vimeo)

Furry Frenzies: “Fur Real Friends”

Modeling, rigging, animation, dynamics and mel scripts.
(play on Vimeo)

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